Below are some samples of the type of retouching I do.  I try to keep things beautiful and natural - keeping to the mantra "you, only better".   If there's one thing I hate it is too-white eyes/teeth and too smooth skin (ok, that was two things!).  


Common things I retouch:

- skin blemishes (acne, scars)

- dark circles/bags under eyes

- stray hairs

- red eyes

- whiten teeth 


That all said, if you have an obvious scar, freckles or wrinkles - I will probably leave them *mostly* intact as I believe those things are beautiful and add character.

Retouching is included in all of my packages (see rates page), however if you have a photo shot by another photographer that you would like retouched, I am happy to work on another photographer's photo.  My rates for this are $25 per image, payable via PayPal or cash only.


Jenisa Retouched

Rebecca Retouched      



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